June 13th Awards- Save the Date

Gymnastics PEI will be hosting it’s annual ADL Achievement Awards on Monday, June 13th at 6pm. The ceremony will take place at Centre 150 in Summerside.

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be announced by May 31st.

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Eastern Championships- Quebec

The Eastern Championships will take place in Québec City from May 6-8, 2016. Gymnastics PEI has 11 athletes competing. Follow the webcast at tvgo.ca/gym. The WAG & MAG results will be posted live at http://www.gymqc.ca/resultats.

Good luck to all Team PEI athletes!

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Success at Atlantics

Congratulations to all the Team PEI athletes on a successful showing at the Atlantic Gymnastics Championships recently held in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Some notable results include:


JO Level 5 Argo

  • Team silver

JO Level 5 Tyro

  • Lilly Chappell- gold Beam

JO Level 6 Tyro

  • Team bronze
  • Grace Potter- gold Floor

JO Level 6 Novice

  • Team silver

JO Level 7 Tyro

  • Team bronze
  • Sophie Mayne- gold All-Around, Beam, and Floor

JO Level 7 Novice

  • Team bronze

JO Level 7 Open

  • Team gold (Tori Hogan 1st, Alexa McClure 2nd, Emma Germain 3rd)
  • Tori Hogan- gold All-Around, Vault, and Floor
  • Alexa McClure- gold Beam and Uneven Bars

Aspire 1

  • Maia MacLean- gold Beam


Level 1 (u10)

  • Team bronze

Level 2 (u10)

  • Jaycob Frank- gold High Bar

Level 3 (u13)

  • Team gold
  • Trent McClure- gold Pommel Horse & High Bar
  • Trent Quinn- gold Parallel Bars

Level 4 (13+)

  • Team gold
  • Ian McKenna- gold Parallel Bars

Full Event Results


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Atlantic Gymnastics Championships

The Atlantic Gymnastic Championships are taking place April 22 & 23 at the Sportsplex in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Forty seven athletes will be representing Team PEI in 17 different divisions.

To view the event live online please visit: http://player.communitylive.ca/Player/GetEvent/1595 


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2016 Provincial Championship Results

tyro-novice-open-6       tyro-novice-argo-3         open-7-novice-7-open-8-novice-8-aspire        argo-4-5-6-tyro-4-5-7          level-3-4-national-open         level-1-and-2

The Summerside Saultos Gymnastics Club hosted the 2016 Gymnastics PEI Provincial Championships over the weekend in Slemon Park. Over 170 gymnasts representing four clubs from across the island competed for the title of Provincial Champion and in hopes of qualifying for the Atlantic Championships in St John’s Newfoundland in April as well as the Eastern Canadian Championships in Quebec City in May. Gymnasts ranging in age from 8 to 19 competed in categories from beginner to National level.

Saultos club President Katherine Clow was very pleased with the competition saying, “This was the largest Provincial Championships that we have hosted. All sessions ran smoothly and on time thanks to all of our hard working volunteers!”

Coach Shelly Ferguson was very pleased with what she saw from the athletes. “The level of skills being performed has improved so much in the last few years” said Ferguson.

This bodes well for the future of Gymnastics in PEI says Gymnastics PEI President Paula Gallant. “Gymnastics is gaining in popularity on PEI. Our registrations are up over the past few years across the board whether in our pre-school and recreational programs or top level competitive athletes that you see here.”

The following is a list of podium finishers in each category.


Argo 3

  1. Shaheena Elgarhib
  2. Summer Mckenna
  3. Ava McNeill

Tyro 3

  1. Sophie Minard
  2. Katie Kelly
  3. Kennedy Curley

Novice 3

  1. Hannah Faye MacLean
  2. Emma McNeil
  3. Maura Duffy

Argo 4

  1. Victoria Covey
  2. Madeleine Pigeon
  3. Callie Harding

Tyro 4

  1. Loryn Crawford
  2. Alice Dorsey
  3. Neleah Lavoie

Argo 5

  1. Annika Trivers
  2. Chloe Arsenault
  3. Lucy Kirby

Tyro 5

  1. Lilly Chappell
  2. Zoe Hughes

Argo 6

  1. Molly McKenna
  2. Katherine Buote
  3. Ciara Chaisson

Tyro 6

  1. Sadie Lund
  2. Maggie Campbell
  3. Grace Potter

Novice 6

  1. Shailynn Richards
  2. Emma Lee Lyon
  3. Megan Rodger

Open 6

  1. Mackenzie Paton
  2. Hannah Murray
  3. Kyra Doyle

Tyro 7

  1. Sophie Mayne
  2. Charlotte Thompson
  3. Miranda MacEachern

Novice 7

  1. Ashley MacDougall
  2. Emma Christensen
  3. Mia Stewart

Open 7

  1. Tori Hogan
  2. Emma Germain
  3. Alexa McClure

Novice 8

  1. Karissa Quinn

Open 8

  1. Madison Kelly Maund
  2. Paige Mills
  3. Alyssa Mugridge

Aspire 1

  1. Kenzie Myers
  2. Chloe Cudmore
  3. Maia MacLean


Level 1 Under 10

  1. Josh Hammill
  2. Alex Zakem
  3. Kip Morris

Level 1 Under 12

  1. Quentin Gallant
  2. Brennan Smith

Level 1 Over 12

  1. Daniel Banks

Level 2 Under 10

  1. Jaycob Frank
  2. Ryan Dwyer

Level 3 Under 13

  1. Jago Sabine
  2. Trent McClure
  3. Jack Warren

Level 3 Over 13

  1. Cameron Davis

Level 4 Under 13

  1. Isaac Bourque

Level 4 Over 13

  1. Tanner Clow
  2. Ian McKenna
  3. Murphy MacArthur

National Open

  1. Alex Mann
  2. Ryan McKenna
  3. Grant Dever

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GPEI Provincial Championships

The Gymnastics PEI Provincial Championships are being hosted this weekend by the Summerside Saultos at the Canada Games Sports Centre in Slemon Park (50 Ashwood Avenue)

Provincial Championship 2016 Schedule

Saturday, March 12th

Session 1: JO 4 Argo, JO 4 Tyro, JO 5 Argo, JO 5 Tyro, JO 6 Argo, JO 7 Tyro

8:00-8:20 am General Warm Up
8:25-11:30am Competition

Session 2: JO 6 Tyro, JO 6 Novice, JO 6 Open
Level 1 under 10, Level 1 under 12, Level 1 over 12, Level 2 under 10

12:00-12:20pm General Warm Up
12:25-3:30pm Competition

Session 3: JO 7 Novice, JO 7 Open, JO 8 Novice, JO 8 Open, JO 9 Tyro, Aspire 1
Level 3 under 13, Level 3 over 13, Level 4 under 13, Level 4 over 13, National Open

4:00-4:20pm General Warm Up
4:25-8:00pm Competition

Sunday, March 13th

Session 4: PEI 3 Argo, PEI 3 Tyro, PEI 3 Novice

8:00-8:20am General Warm Up
8:25-11:30am Competition

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Congratulations to Sophie Mayne!

Sophie Mayne

Sophie Mayne of the Island Gymnastics Academy won a gold medal last weekend at the prestigious International Gymnix competition in Montreal. Mayne scored 9.7 on floor to earn her medal. She also brought home a bronze all-around in the Level 7 category (5th on beam, 3rd on vault). Two great achievements for this up and coming gymnast!

Other results for IGA gymnasts included:

  • Grace Potter, Level 6- 9th all-around, 8th on vault, 3rd on floor
  • Sadie Lund, Level 6- 4th on bars
  • Hannah Murray, Level 6- 7th on bars
  • MacKenzie Paton, Level 6- 4th on beam
  • Emma Germain, Level 7- 9th all-around, 7th on bars, 7th on vault
  • Lauren Rafuse, Level 7- 7th on floor
  • Paige Mills, Level 8- 7th on floor

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