Board of Directors

2019-2020  Board of Directors GPEI

President- Vacant
Vice-President- Julie Gavin
Treasurer- Colleen Duval
Secretary- Nancy Beth Guptill
Past-President- Jeff MacRae
Men’s Technical Rep- Blaise Roberts
Women’s Technical Rep- Paul Goguen

Member at Large- Claire Caseley-Smith

Club representatives

IGA Rep- Nick Murray
Kings County Rep- Darlene Grenier
St. Louis Rep- Colleen Avery
Summerside Rep- Katherine Clow
Victory Rep- Janell Poulton

Non-Voting Members:
Registrar- Paul Goguen
Technical Director- Freddy Martin
Executive Director- Freddy Martin

Each position on the board of directors (with the exception of past-president) is elected for a 2 year term at the AGM held each September. If you are interested in being a board member, please contact the office at 902-315-2408.