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Island Gymnastics Academy Job Opportunity – Chief Operating Officer

Island Gymnastics is looking to hire a positive team leader.

The Island Gymnastics Academy is a not-for-profit sports organization that has been operating in Charlottetown since 1981. Gymnastics Canada recently named our club as the top small club in Canada. Our membership exceeds 1,200 including athletes, coaches and office staff.

Our recreation program caters to all ages from Bouncing Babies to Adult Gymnastics. We offer community-based programs including Special Olympics, Home School and open our doors to many other unique opportunities. Our inclusive competitive programs train gymnasts from the provincial to national levels.

We are searching for a Chief Operating Officer to work with the team and the Board of Directors at the Island Gymnastics Academy. The candidate should have experience in sport organization and a strong interest in gymnastics. Strong problem solving skills and the ability to work as a team leader is the foundation of the position. Excellent written and verbal skills are an asset as well as proficiency in various technologies.

The position is part-time and offers an opportunity for flexible hours. Additional work hours may be available through other Academy activities. The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Island Gymnastics Academy Board of Directors and works directly with the Chief Financial Officer to provide leadership and oversight for the Island Gymnastics Academy.

Salary Range: $23-$26 per hour

For further information, please contact:
Jette Christensen, President
Lea Rand, Board member

General Job Description (25 hours/week)

Leadership under the Strategic Plan of the Board of Directors
Oversee all operations of the Island Gymnastics Academy
Ensure the Operation Manual is current
Lead implementation of changes to the Operation Manual

Liaison with the Board of Directors
Participate in Board meetings
Assist with drafting changes to Bylaws and Policies
Participate in development of the Strategic Plan
Meet regularly with the President or a Board member appointed by the Board

Co-Head of the Management Team consisting of full-time staff and administration
Work with CFO to coordinate meetings, minutes, actions
Work with the CFO and the Team to implement activities, policies, etc.

HR for Coaching Staff
Responsible for hiring and terminating
Responsible to follow up on staff needs
Responsible for performance reviews of full-time staff
Responsible for contracts of full-time staff and hourly competitive staff
Oversee the planning and implementation of professional development (including office staff)
Oversee development of the Emergency Action Plan

Promoting Island Gymnastics Academy
Coordinate all internal and external communication
Liaise with municipal, provincial and federal government

Events and Activities
Develop and oversee Schedule of Events and activities outside regular training
Encourage development of new programs and events
Encourage travel to competitions and training in the region, country and international
Collaborate with other entities

Liaison with other sports organizations
Represent Academy at meetings
Liaise with Gymnastics PEI and Gymnastics Canada

Project “building a new facility”
Collaborate with “New Facility Committees”
Collaborate with the CFO on the development and implementation of a budget for New Facility
Assist with hiring a Project Manager as instructed by Board of Directors

Support Staff
The Chief Operating Officer is expected to be supported by staff, including:
Admin Assistant

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